Types Of Tables - You Must Have In Your Home

Types Of Tables – You Must Have In Your Home

A home is where you find everything comfortable, be it your bed, couch or clothes. In the article, we have discussed different tables that every home in India must have. If you are redecorating your home or having a makeover done, make sure to have these tables fixed in your living space.  

Types Of Tables For Your Home

Here are the top six must-have tables for your home sweet home. 

1. Coffee Table

Coffee TableIndian households and guests are prevalent, especially when the festivals are just around the corner. A coffee table is not even a must-have; we would rather say it is an integral essential of a house. The whole family assembles around for snacks, and movie time, making sure to make that unique with the right style. They are usually round or square or even rectangles picked depending upon the space in your living room. 

DIY-ing a coffee table from your ancient trunks can give you a vintage look. You can buy one according to your preferences, but a customisable one would instead add more beauty to your space. We at Premend offer you carpenter services through which our in-house expert carpenter will be at your doorstep, providing you with services all as per your requirements. 

2. Dining Table

Dining TableA common and probably the most special time of the whole family is the suppertime of a house, where all gather to relish the food. You will get an array of these, ranging from small to large; take your measurements and note down your requirements before choosing a shape. Choose your favourite material for the build, and wood is prominent and a good choice for many Indians. 

Shopping for a brand new can be much more pricey than carving one out of wood. Our skillful carpenters from Premend can do that for you at your budget. Look for a “local carpenter” near me, and you will find us, get in touch with our servicemen, and we will be at your doorstep. Isn’t that amazing? 

3. Dressing Table

Dressing TableDid you know a vanity set is no modern man’s invention but something that has been used since the 17th century when the Egyptians used to hide away their cosmetics, makeup, and perfume when not in use? It usually comes with a mirror combined with a dressing chair. Nowadays, a dresser may not be preferred by everyone, but if you are a cosmoholic and have a lot of skincare products to store, then getting one would be beneficial for you. 

We can build it for you according to your needs, whether small or extra-large. We provide all kinds of carpenter services, maintenance of buildings, roofing systems, gutters, downspouts, minor masonry repair and much more. 

4. Worktable

WorktableGone are the days when they carried their laptops or worked on PCs in the office; we are in a pandemic, and everyone is at home. It is officially the #Workfromhome season, and getting one will cut down half the hassle you face with backaches. Sixteen million adults have beaches, and 5% experience it due to uneven sitting posture during work time. A workbench is called famously, is a sturdy surface top carved of wood or any other durable material to give you a firm place to keep your laptop, tablets, notepads with appropriate height and is light in weight. And you can carry one anywhere as it is light in weight and is easy to carry. 

Our in-house expert carpenter can carve one for you according to your preferences and needs within a day or two. While buying from the market can cost you more money. 

5. Game Table

 Pool tableWhen the whole family is under one roof, you need games to go on, especially during weekends and holidays. Buying one of these can be very expensive, and you may not get precisely the accordion to your room space. Sculpting one and customising it would be easy on your pocket and even tick all your preferences. 

Popular Choices For Game Table:


  • It is a football-inspired plain surface top to be played indoors.


  • This one is to play billiards and comes with six pockets and a plain surface top made of polyester or wool.

Ping Pong

  • It is brought to play indoor table tennis; has a net and a surface to keep the ball bouncing.

6. Bedside Table

Bedside TableAs the name goes, a bedside table is a small, lightweight but sturdy corner bench. It is placed near your bed within your arms reach from the mattress. You can use it to keep books, a night lamp, spectacles, or a water jug that you may need at night. 

A bedside can be made with cabinet drawers. You can ask your carpenter to carve it according to your preferences and shape. 

Premend is a one-stop solution to all your home needs. We are available 24/7 to solve all customer related issues. Sit at your home, tap to book an appointment.

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