Difference Between Distemper And Plastic Paint

Difference Between Distemper And Plastic Paint – What The Experts Say

Distemper or plastic paint, the choice is entirely yours, but here is something you need to read before that. Our in-house high-quality painters and experts say that there are specific differences between the two – Distemper and Plastic. Read the article from Premend till the end to know the perfect choice for your living space. 

Distemper And Plastic Paint

Distemper PaintWhat is Distemper?

An ancient kind of paint in the history of humankind, it is made of water, chalk, pigment and contains a glue-like substance. People were fond of it as interior paint for their living spaces and various house decorations.

It is a water-based colour made traditionally using hands; you get a soft, velvety finish on applying the colour to your walls. 

Where Is All The Distemper Paint Applied?

Distemper is commonly used for interior painting on walls or decorations made of metal, wood, and it can also be used on concrete, plasters, sheets. 

Plastic PaintWhat Is Plastic Paint? 

Found in auditorium ceilings, Showrooms, slabs etc. it is an oil-based colour that gives you a plastic look and glossy finish along with a sheen touch. Plastic paint for walls

comes in the widest range of colours. 

Where All It Is Applied?

It is usually applied on decks, halls and auditorium ceilings, galleries, slabs. Read on further to know the difference between the two. 

Let’s Look At The Wide Range Of Advantages It Has To Offer:

  • It costs very little and is light on your pockets, plus it is water-based. 
  • It is available in a wide range of colours.
  • It is washable, so any stains on it can be cleaned.
  • It renders a matte finish touch that leaves your walls classy and elegant.
  • It is pretty popular and in high demand.
  • It is durable and can sustain for two years and more. 

Here Are Some Benefits You Should Know Before Choosing:

  • Plastic paint has an easy application, is washable and double as durable as Distemper.
  • It gives you a glossy finish that reflects light which helps make the room look brighter. 
  • It keeps the room cooler. 
  • It is waterproof as it is oil-based, making it best for exteriors.

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