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Granite For Flooring

How To Select Granite For Flooring : Read What The Experts Advice

If you ever find yourself apprehensive about your countertops and house floors, we suggest choosing granites for flooring. Trust us, and you won’t regret installing granites on your floors.  And here in this article we will let you know things to keep in mind before you proceed to go shopping for your house renovations.

How To Select Granite For Flooring

Read on to get insights from an expert on ‘How to select Granite for Flooring’. 

What is Granite, and What Makes it the Top Choice for Floors?

Granite is composed of various minerals, from quartz, silica, mica, obsidian to feldspar. And there are many reasons why people prefer granite floorings more than anything because of their aesthetic yet resilient properties. Besides that, granite for the home floor comes in various colours – such as light colour granite for flooring, with different variations and ultimate brilliance in looks. The choice of this stone is not limited to foreign lands, as it is getting trendy in India as well. 

How To Select Granite For Flooring? 

GraniteIt is not just the colour and size that you need to look at while selecting Granite for flooring but many other factors. Below here we have listed down the elements that one should consider beforehand. 

Right Granite for the Right Area

It is essential to consider the area you are looking for to install Granite on the floors. As you are well aware, you cannot think about getting your bathroom floors done of Granite as it is slippery. If you want to do something with your living room or bedroom, rushed or flamed Granite can do the part well. 

Aesthetics Matter – Don’t They? 

Your abode is your favourite place, so you need to ensure that it is decorated with the best. Likewise, while installing the floors, go for colours that add more compliment to your hose. Especially look for colours that contrast your wall paint. And for this choice, Granite is the best decision as it comes in an array of colours.

Important – Check the Properties Before You Buy 


Granites come in different forms consisting of various properties. However, they are one of the most durable stones, and you need to run tests such as porosity and water resistance tests that will help you choose the best type of Granite for the preferred area of the floor. We suggest you visit the store by yourself before buying a variety of Granite for your floors, and this will help you know better about the texture and the structure vs h type you are looking for.

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