Creative Ways To Hide Plumbing Pipes
Plumbing Pipes

Creative Ways To Hide Plumbing Pipes – Know The 5 Best Ways

Do you know the best thing about interior design? It can turn any unwanted piece into a masterpiece. All you need is a bit of an innovative mind and loads of research to turn your space into heaven. And if not you, then indeed a very skilled interior designer. Here in this article, you are going to find out the 5 most creative ways to hide plumbing pipes. 

How To Hide Plumbing Pipes

Almost all of you reading right now must have looked for a nearby plumber service to get rid of uneven fittings. I am sure all of us have tons of pipes in our commercial or residential spaces, but now you don’t actually need to feel “eww” about it. Here’s how you can get rid of plumber fitting and unaesthetic looks.

5 Creative Ways To Hide Plumbing Pipes

Win With VintageWin With Vintage

To hide your dirty plumbing pipes, you need to show them more. Confused? All you need to do is turn them into a rustic vintage look. Now imagine having a gray, white or beige wall with the physical texture of rustic lines. These can never go wrong when turned vintage. Try it out yourself and see the magic. This style will work for both residential and commercial usage. The metallic pipes are a go-to trend these days and do not cost much either. Premend offers the best plumber in Vadodara to help you through the process. 

Paint Will Never FaintPaint Will Never Faint

There will be loads of plumbing pipes at your house or offices, but painting it in vibrant colors can make it look even more attractive. So this time, rather than hiding those ceiling pipes, try to paint them in the most vibrant colors. The more you add color to the room, the more you allow your elements to shine.

The Wall Wants More

The Wall Wants MoreLike humans, the wall wants more too. Didn’t understand? All of you have given endless pipes to the wall, but these are just boring. You can build tiny shelves using these pipes to spice your space and have the most aesthetic look. You can build the shelves in the bathroom, living area, or even kitchen. Just color them in contrast, and voila, you are good to go. Now you have extra space, and your wall looks even better this way. Premend experts in plumber work and fitting, so why wait? Book an appointment today.

The Chic Version Of Sink

The Chic Version Of SinkHere is the simplest way to hide plumbing pipes under the sink. You can add a stitched sink skirt, and you are good to go. You can play with the colors of the skirt, use patterns, and more. These skirts are widely available in the market, or you can customize them through a tailor. But choosing the right fabric is also a crucial step. The material should not be see-through at all. 

Good Wood To The Rescue

Good Wood To The RescueWe all understand the term fake wall, but now you can hide your plumbing pipes using fake wood designs. All you need to do is appoint a skilled/professional worker and hand over the design you want. Here’s the picture below for reference, and you can get rid of it easily.

Now that you have come so far, here’s a bonus tip. You can also use some furniture pieces or decor items to create a distraction from the pipes and make your space look appealing. Also, whenever you build a house or renovate a house, make sure you invest in steel pipes as these are really easy to work with and do not go out of fashion easily. 

I hope you must have got all the creative ways to hide plumbing pipes and the very next thing you do is directly start strategizing.  Premend offers you customer-centric solutions and upgrades your home too. Now you don’t need to look for a plumber in Vadodara, just book an appointment with us. We offer the best plumber service in Vadodara. 

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