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Premend vs Urbanclap vs Housejoy: Alternatives of Home Service Provider

In today’s world of extreme competition and fast life. We all want a day at home to be pleasant and relaxing. But when we have an off from work, there is plenty of homework that needs to be done. So when we end up finishing all the home issues, the break gets over. So upsetting, isn’t it? Yes, we can feel the pain. For everyone who is reading this article, it is about the best alternatives of home service providers. Go through each one to know who wins in Premend vs Urbanclap vs Housejoy:

Premend vs Urbanclap vs Housejoy


Urban Clap is by far the fastest-growing startup in India. They work on the concept of “easy at home.” From local services to all your needs, Urban Company provides a great space for the customers to be home and have the perks of various services. UrbanClap has a team of professionals that look after each and every service needs. A huge selling point is that they have a team of young, hard-working people who are dedicated to working.  

Now let’s talk about the services. Urban clap has a huge variety of services. They have a unique salon at home for women’s services that helps every working or non-woking woman to get the perks of salon at home. From eyebrows to massages, women you don’t need to look for an alternative salon at all, the urban company helps you. Not only women, but they have services of massage for men as well. Apart from this, they also provide AC service and Repair. So in this scorching heat, you don’t need to wait for the technician to come, just book your appointment, and your AC repair is done. Urban Clap also has services for packers and movers. They have a team of experts in every state that solves your Carpentry, Pest controlling, fitness, diet issues. 


Housejoy is another one of the amazing alternatives of home services providers. They have all the doorstep services for you. They try to make your day to day life more manageable by providing exclusive services. A team of professionals works on every project with great ease and pattern. Housejoy has spread its base in 13 cities of India like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune, Coimbatore, Vijayawada, Surat, Vadodara, and Ahmedabad. 

Having a glance at the services, Housejoy has a bucket full of services for its customers. They provide services like construction services, Home cleaning services, Painting, Beauty services, Home appliance repairs, Pest Control, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Interiors, Renovation services, and much more. Just the same concept as Urban Company and Premend, Housejoy, too, provides similar services at home. One has to book an appointment and can easily avail the benefits of the services. It is a smart solution to your needs sitting on your sofa at home and chilling. Having more than 14 different services at home is a gift, so now, when you are tired and feel like having a day of working home, then you just have to book a requirement and relax. Also, they have exciting offers and discounts every now and then. So you can keep a close eye on the official website of Housejoy and compare the prices with the other two home service providers. 


An online platform that helps you find solutions to all your home needs. The major point that keeps Premend above all is that it is well established in Vadodara. So if you are located in Vadodara and if you find the Urban company or Housejoy to reach, then Premend is always there to give you a helping hand. You can have a quick sneak peek at their website to know more about their services and process. You can book your appointments as per your comfort and needs too. Also, you can schedule all your future appointments, too, with the services that you would like to have, along with a particular time. 

When it comes to a variety of services, it has home improvement services that help you sort all your architectural, plumbing, carpentry, water tank issues, and even more. Then they have the appliance repair service where a group of experts will look after all your machines, computers, AC, and all the rest technical things. It is not the end yet, Premend also has services for the renovation of home, floorings, paintings, fabrications, and much more. They work like contractors for your home when it is about the renovation. And now for all the ladies and men who love to groom themselves and pamper themselves. Premend has services of grooming, pampering, beauty salon services at home. So the wait of ordering a living person home to pamper you is over. Book an appointment and have a relaxed time at home with Premend. 

So everyone is a master on their own, but some flaws need to be highlighted. Two essential points are comparable:

Vadodara friendly choice: So now if we consider which brand is more familiar with the city of Vadodara, then surely Premend is the one. When we talk about UrbanClap, there are areas where they lack to reach, but Premend is available all over the areas on time. When we speak about Housejoy, then the company is not user friendly at all. There are very few people who know about the brand and alike Urban Company; even they lack to reach out. 

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