How to Clean Bathroom Tiles with Harpic

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles with Harpic – Step By Step Cleaning Guide

A clean bathroom is a necessity for every household. Apart from keeping the house clean, it is vital to maintain the bathrooms as the chances of germs and bacteria are maximum from there. To ensure that your bathroom is free of all the stains, bacteria, and all the dirt, you need to invest in a good bathroom cleaner. The bathroom cleaners not only help you to clean the bathroom with ease, but it also helps in disinfecting it and cleaning the tiles. There are many options available today for the bathroom cleaners, but Harpic is the best and affordable option among all other cleaners. It has been a known name in the households due to its price point and multi-functionality.

Harpic has a range of cleaners meant for different purposes, out of which the Red Harpic is recommended for cleaning the bathroom tiles as it can clean the stains effectively and also make sure that the washroom is adequately sanitized. To help you know the correct and easy procedure of cleaning your bathroom, we have a detailed step-by-step guide of how to clean bathroom tiles with harpic that anyone can follow easily. 

Materials required: Harpic tile cleaner and a cleaning brush.

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles with Harpic?

Step 1: Prep yourself for the process

As Harpic contains a small amount of hydrochloric acid, direct contact of the cleaner with the skin can cause a little irritation. It is advisable to wear gloves if you are new to the process or you can be careful while handling the cleaner. However, make sure you are wearing bathroom slippers to avoid direct contact with water and cleaner.

Step 2: Dilute the cleaner with water

DiluteHarpic is a thick and concentrated liquid having the properties of detergent. For cleaning the tiles, it is better to dilute it to maintain the glazing layer of the tiles. For diluting it, pour the liquid in its cap. You can add 1 or 1.5 caps of the liquid into the bucket of water. Keep the mix ready and get your mop or brush handy for starting the cleaning.

Step 3: Start cleaning the tiles

brush tilesUsing a mop or brush, start washing the bathroom tiles. Take the mix of water and Harpic, pour it onto the tiles, and start scrubbing to get rid of the stains. You can also spread this mixture for a while and then scrub the stains to remove them altogether. Spreading the mixture of cleaner and water uniformly on the tiles helps in breaking the dirt spots and other stains completely. It is suggested to leave this mixture for an hour and then wash it with water thoroughly.

Step 4: Wipe the water off

Once you are done with the entire process of cleaning, make sure you flush out the mixture off from the bathroom thoroughly. As some remains of the liquid cleaner can cause skin irritation, it is better to wash the tiles thoroughly with water. And here it is, your shining bathroom with clean tiles. 

Harpic tile cleaners are versatile and can be used for more than one purpose. If you are in a hurry and can’t follow or dilute the liquid, then you can also use it directly undiluted. Pour a cap or 1.5 caps of liquid on the targeted areas and leave it for five minutes. As you are using liquid undiluted, it is easy to remove stains in a couple of stains. Scrub the stains gently and wash it with water. You can use this same process to clean the sink, bathroom floor, and tiles.

Why is Harpic better than other cleaners?

Red harpicAlthough there are many options, Harpic is a preferred name due to its brand name and excellent results. The liquid cleaner is made using strong acids and detergents that can get rid of the tough stains too. Regular acids available in the market sometimes fail to clean the stains completely. Also, the daily use of such acids can turn the tiles yellowish, which doesn’t look good. Harpic does the job of cleaning without living any yellow tints behind, and hence it is better to get a bottle of Harpic instead of other acids.

How often should you clean your bathroom tiles?

The answer depends on how bad the stains are. It is recommended to clean tiles weekly or once every fortnight so that it is easy to remove the stains. Apart from cleaning the tiles, it is also essential to wash and clean the washroom daily. Opt for a complete bathroom cleaning once a week to avoid infections and maintain the sanitation.

Concluding Remarks

The process of cleaning the tiles using the Harpic tile cleaner is a hasslefree and quick process. Make bathroom tile cleaning a weekly or once in a month routine to keep the tiles squicky clean and shining. Also, make sure not to smell the cleaner directly as it can irritate your respiratory tract too. Be careful while handling the liquid cleaner to avoid casualties.

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