GFRG Panels Disadvantages

GFRG Panels Disadvantages – Things to Consider Before Construction

There are a lot of advances in every field, including the construction field. If you are renovating your house or building it from scratch, then you might have come across the GFRG Panels that are now in trend and also give a good look to your home.GFRG stands for the Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum. These panels are made from the gypsum plaster that is known for its durability and overall look. The people in construction also refer to these panels as Rapid walls. Invented, early 1990 in Australia, the material’s use has been increasing all over the world due to its properties.

However, one should be aware of all the properties, advantages, and disadvantages of using certain materials in the construction. To help you decide whether to use these panels in your construction or not, I will give you an idea about its disadvantages along with other features.

Before looking at everything, let us have a quick glance at its properties and use in the construction.GFRG panels are used for constructing load-bearing as well as non-load bearing walls. As the material has a good loading bearing capacity and density, it is suitable for both residential as well as commercial construction. The material is an efficient green building material that architects prefer other materials due to its excellent properties. These panels are also used for hybrid construction in multi-story buildings.

Features of GFRG Panels:

  • The material is light in weight and overall flexible strength for the design plans of the house and commercial complexes.
  • It has an excellent load-bearing capacity, and it is also an eco-friendly option.
  • The panels made from GFRG can resist earthquakes of up to 8 Richter’s scale.
  • These panels are also fire resistant, termite resistant, and water-resistant.
  • The use of this material can decrease the weight of the structural weight of the construction.
  • It is comparatively easy to construct and also saves time as compared to the standard construction process.

GFRG Panels Advantages

  • The construction time is less for these panels, so that it can save both time and some money.
  • It has excellent heat thermal efficiency, and there are lesser costs for cooling and heating these materials.
  • There are no beams or columns required for the installation of these panels.
  • There is almost less to none maintenance cost for these panels and they also have a good life span.
  • The use of cement and sand is reduced if you opt for these panels and it also reduces the carbon footprint so you can opt for this material if you are searching for environment-friendly materials for the construction.

GFRG Panels Disadvantages

  • The contractor or an architect might need skilled workers to handle the installation and working with these panels as it is a bit more complicated than all the other materials.
  • There is quite a bit of detailing and designing required in the GFRG panel which can increase the construction cost, so always consult your architect for getting a quote for the panels that you might need to use.
  • As it is made from the fiber material, it is fragile and needs to be taken care of while transporting or loading it.
  • There are specific tools required for cutting the GFRG panels.
  • These panels cannot be used for the walls that have higher or circular curvature.
  • The laborers have to be careful during the erection process of these panels.
  • The cranes need more space for movement while installing these panels.

What should you consider before opting for GFRG Panels?

Deciding upon whether to use these panels in the construction or not can be really tricky given to its unique features. Although it is a lightweight and durable material, the machinery needed for it is different and that can increase your cost. Secondly, if you choose the designs that are intricate and complicated, then it becomes even more challenging to install such panels. The last point is you should consider the time you want to use it for, GFRG panels have a long life and you do not wish to waste materials on some temporary construction. 

Closing Thoughts

Overall, GFRG panels are a great alternative to cut down the construction cost as well as construction time. These panels are definitely sturdy and worth investing in but weigh all the pros and cons before you make a decision. It is better to know all the characteristics, benefits and disadvantages of the materials to make the right choice. Also, make sure the architect you are working with has skilled laborers as these panels are a bit challenging to handle.

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