Plastic Furniture vs Wooden Furniture – What’s The Difference?

Moved into a new house or had your new office constructed recently? Interiors check, appliances check, what about furniture? Without furniture, the space looks dull and bare. A piece of furniture surely adds spice and oomph to your rooms. But what’s better: Plastic Furniture or Wooden Furniture? And is plastic furniture gaining more preference over wooden furniture? Let me lead you through this article and find out the primary differences between the two and also help you choose the better one.

Plastic Furniture vs Wooden Furniture 

Over the years, we have seen people having a hard time choosing either plastic or wooden furniture, and eventually, fill their house with both making it look messy! We don’t want that, so we at Premend suggest you go with either of them to create a balance in your living spaces. 

Here are features that you may use in the future or whenever to avoid your confusion in choosing either or both:


  • A completely natural product, wooden furniture is long-lasting if made from high-quality tree wood. Mites and bugs destroy wooden furniture. And water rotten it. Choosing a high quality of wood for your furniture means high durability. 
  • Plastic never really finishes off, so plastic furniture will stay for longer, but there are chances that it might break or lose its durability over the years. Plastic cannot stand occurrences such as fire and get destroyed, damaging your property. Avoid thin plastic so you can use your furniture for a longer time.


  • It has a natural finish that adds more natural beauty to your space and enhances the overall appearance of any room magically. 
  • Meanwhile, plastic moulded furniture leaves you with a simple look. So if simplicity is your style or you feel ‘less is more’, then plastic furniture can do wonders for you.  


  • Wooden furniture is carved out of nature’s lap, so they tend to be expensive depending upon the quality of wood you are looking for. 
  • Plastic furniture is inexpensive, and even if you go for high-quality plastic, more will find it super affordable.  


  • Wooden furniture needs to be maintained by polishing regularly and painting the outer part to avoid damage. 
  • Plastic furniture barely needs any maintenance apart from keeping them clean from dust and debris. 


  • They are made of trees, which is a prominent part of nature. If you are someone who does not promote cutting trees, then you may avoid using wooden furniture. 
  • Plastic is a hazardous material, and it doesn’t remove off from the earth so easily. Plus, they can’t be recycled. 

Ease of installation 

  • Wooden furniture can be heavy and hard to port from one place to another. You may need extra force while shifting or relocating things at your place. 
  • Plastic furniture is light in weight and easy to move from one place to another. 


  • A piece of wooden set in any space uplifts the ambience adding a touch of luxury to the room. 
  • A piece of plastic furniture is basic yet stylish, but it may not give you a luxury look to your rooms and space. 


  • Wooden sofas, chairs and beds are really comfortable with a soft cushion. It is also considered good for all ages. 
  • Plastic chairs can be a quick way to create more space if you have many guests in your home. But it may not be comfortable for the old aged to sit on for a longer time. However, you can add a piece of cushion to make it comfortable. 


  • According to your space limitations and design ideas, a carpenter can customise wooden furniture as you want it to be. 
  • While you cannot customise an item of plastic furniture and buy it as you get it from the market. 

That was the end of the war: Plastic Furniture vs Wooden Furniture – What’s The Difference?. We personally love having wooden futures, but if you feel plastic furniture is your thing, then you should try them too as they are super affordable, need less maintenance, and have many variations these days in the market for plastic furniture. 

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