How To Clean Samsung Washing Machine

How To Clean Samsung Washing Machine — Simple Life-Saving Tips

Any regular household uses the washing machine every two consecutive days. As we clean our clothes daily, washing a washing machine is an essential routine to be followed. Do your know that the machine that keeps your clothes super clean gets super dirty from the inside? Here in this blog post we will guide you with the steps on How To Clean a Samsung Washing Machine in easy ways. Our steps are super easy to follow, so if you have an atomic, digital inverter, a fort load or even a top loader, then this is the right post for you.

How To Clean Samsung Washing Machine

How To Clean Samsung Washing MachineBefore we start cleaning, let us understand the need of doing it. Why should we clean the washing machine?

  • The soap powder, water minerals, and other chemicals used to wash clothes sticks inside the machine.
  • Dirty clothes leave a lot of bacteria that clogs inside the washing machine, which can further stick in the clothes during the next wash.
  • The inner side of washing machines is hot and humid, which encourages the spread of bacteria.
  • The collected dirt also brings in a foul odour with it, which can make your clothes stink later.

So are you confused about when you should clean your Samsung washing machines? Then look for these signs:

  • There is an unbearable, stinky odour.
  • The filter has collected a lot of black, slimy residue.
  • The clothes come out with black spots on them.
  • The clothes seem to build up debris and fur-like substances.
  • All the debris and dust starts impacting the functionality of the machine.
  • These signs can damage not just your clothes but also affect your health in many ways.

In this guide, we have covered cleaning Samsung front load and top load washing machines. Follow these steps to clean your Samsung washing machine:

Let us clean the drum!

  1. Empty the washing machine before you begin the cleaning process. Ensure that you haven’t left any cloth inside. Otherwise, the process may damage the fabric.
  2. Find the Eco Drum Clean option on your Samsung washing machine. Press the power button and then the Eco Drum Clean option.

Front Load Washing Machine 

Top Load Washing Machine 

Turn on the machine by pressing the start button.  Turn on the machine by pressing the start button. 
Switch the Eco drum cleaner course. The default water temperature will be at 70 ˚C.  (you cannot change that) Double-tap on the course select button. 
Fill the detergent box with a machine cleaner and close the box. Find the recommended cleansing agent for your machine. Now again, press the start/pause button.
Now press the start button to start cleaning the machine. The Eco Drum Clean course will begin and clean the drum thoroughly. You can use a liquid or a powder cleanser.  Add the detergent to the detergent container and close the top lid of your Samsung washing machine. 

Now it is the filters

Cleaning filters is highly recommended 5-6 times a year. Filters literally filter out the dirt, and it is evident that they have a lot of clogged dirt and debris in them which needs to be taken out, which otherwise will create a drainage issue.

Front Load Washing Machine 

Top Load Washing Machine 

Take out the filter and clear any water remaining behind.  Pull out the filter carefully, clean it and then pull in the filter and connect the hose to the inlet valve securely. 
Open the filter. You should often clean the filter net.
Unscrew the cap and wash the dirt and dust filled inside it. Pull out the magic filter of Samsung. And open the cover.
Replace the debris cap and the filter cover if needed Clean the net and push it back to its place. 

Oh, let us not forget the exteriors!

All the while cleaning the interiors, let us not forget the exteriors. Choose a soft cloth, do not use any rugged or sharp fabric that will damage the paint of your Samsung washing machine. Do not use a lot of water to clean. Just use a soft wet cloth and clean the machine’s exterior thoroughly.

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