Can We Use AC When Water Is Leaking
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Can We Use AC When Water Is Leaking – Know The Dangers

One cannot enjoy summers in India without air conditioners. But it becomes essential to take care of these coolants. Have you ever noticed excess or minimal leakage of water from your AC? Follow this article to know the reasons, solutions and 

Can We Use AC When Water Is Leaking?

Can We Use AC When Water Is LeakingHowever, smaller drips of water cannot be called leakage or a situation of emergency. This mainly happens because of reasons such as:

  • Condensation 
  • Extreme hot and humid temperature 

If your AC is constantly leaking water or you notice it on a daily basis, then there might be something to worry about. Reasons such as clogged and dirty filters, rusted or damaged condensate tray, blockage in drainage pipes, low level of refrigerant and lastly, if your installer has made a mistake in fixing the AC can create an issue of water leakage. 

While you can still use your AC while it has leakage issues, although it is not highly suggestive that one should! The persistent usage may lead to more damage and destruction.

Is Water Leaking From The Air Conditioner Dangerous?

Water leakages from the air conditioners should not be particularly labelled as dangerous. They are pretty normal. Now, there are two types of water leakages:

  • Unit leaking
  • Refrigerant leaking

Both of these are different. Look for the signs that hint at both these issues and get them fixed at the earliest.  

However, as we always believe that prevention is better than cure, you should not keep the checkup waiting for too long as the leakage may cause further damage to the air conditioner. Plus, one can never say what and when something goes wrong with machines! It is highly advisable to call a professional service provider who is through with the process. But if you are still facing many difficulties, here are some temporary solutions to stop water leakage from AC.

  • Check for clogged pipes and lean them as soon as possible
  • Clear the AC filters from dust and debris
  • Check the water drainage pipes for algae and other substances which cause blockage. 
  • Call an expert from Premend to get all of this fixed quickly. 

And if you are seeking the best AC damage repair service providers or agents, try Premend. Premend Services are one of the finest service providers, and we do it all – from bulb changing to carving a table. We are just a phone call far from you, and our professional agent will be at our doorstep to fix your issue.

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