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Asian paints vs Nerolac vs Berger vs Dulux – Which One Is Better?

Painting a home is fun and all until you have to choose the right one for your residence or your commercial. At the same time, there are plenty of options of paints and colors to choose from when painting.

Asian paints vs Nerolac vs Berger vs Dulux 

Paints and paint colors leave much more impact than you think. A good branded paint is essential for the durability of your walls, their health; it is important to check whether the paint has anti-chemical products used or not. Some brands use toxic materials that harm your health, especially being bad for kids. 

So have you decided on which paints to choose from? But wait a minute before you make up your mind and decide on a final paint brand. Let me help you with the differences between the four prominent paint brands in India. In this article, I have discussed Asian paints vs Nerolac vs Berger vs Dulux – which one is better? 

I have put all these brands according to my preference. Read more and choose your type according to your spaces. So without wasting a moment, let us begin our top four paint brands, starting from number 1 we have;

Asian paints

Asian PaintsWith its headquarters in Mumbai, Asian paints is an MNC in India. Asian paints are the biggest manufacturer and supplier of paints, coatings, and home decors. Asian paints stand first in India for being the largest paint corporation and have been ranked in the top ten decorative coatings companies globally. All praises to their brand quality. They have a wide variety of paint options. All these options of paints are available in different segments like:

  • Decorative
  • Industrial paints
  • Emulsions
  • Protective coatings
  • Automotive paints 

Asian paints also have special effects paint called:

  • Royale Play
  • Royale Play Wall Fashion 
  • Kids World 

Nerolac paints

Nerolac PaintsKansai Nerolac Paints, as they are known to the world, have their company established in Mumbai. Nerolac holds the second position in the paint industry of India. They are the leading company with their industrial paint segments; it is also one of the top ten coating companies in the world. Nerolac brings its products to the industrial, automotive, and powder coating business. In addition, it is a developer and supplier of paint systems applied on the finishing lines of electrical components, cycle, material handling equipment, bus bodies, containers, and furniture industries.

The variety of paints that Nerolac sells are:

  • Decorative Paints 
  • Automotive Coatings
  • Performance Coatings
  • Shade Card from Nerolac Paints

Berger Paints

Berger PaintsBerger Paints, based in Kolkata, is a multinational company with 16 manufacturing units in India. Beger paints spread globally around the world in 5 different countries. Berger comes with this tagline called “Paint with your imagination,” They stand by it with their unique colors and paint segments. The company is certified with iOS 9001. They offer excellent quality colorful paints that are a perfect choice for homeowners, professional and industrial users.

The variety of paints that Berger Paints offer are:

Some high demanded paints from Berger Paints are:

  • Breath Easy
  • Silk Luxury Emulsion
  • Easy Clean
  • Rangoli Total Care
  • Weather Coat All Guard 

Dulux paints

Dulux paintsDulux paints formed and based in India was known as ici India. Dulux paints is a leader in manufacturing paints in India. Its customers globally acclaim Dulux as the only company to sell architectural paint. They have been developing and selling excellent color paints for the interior and exterior. In addition, they have a wide variety of undercoats like water-based cement primer and wall putty. 

The variety of paints that Berger Paints offer are:

  • Interior Paints
  • Exterior Paints
  • Wood and Metal Care
  • Wood Care

This was all about my take on Asian paints vs Nerolac vs Berger vs Dulux. What do you think would be suitable for your space and walls? 

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