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Nano White Marble Reviews: Give the Luxurious Touch to Your Home

A home is an extraordinary place for any person. It is a place where one comes to find peace and serenity. We put in a lot of hard work to earn and build up a house of our own; similarly, we put in a lot of thinking to make our homes look beautiful, furnished, and full of life and color. 

Interiors and decors play a vital role in making homes look aesthetically pleasing. To make your home look more relaxed with a touch of a luxurious look, the latest in the market is NANO WHITE. This article will let you know about the texture, price, and review of nano white. Scroll down to read more.

What is a Nano White?

A nano white is a type of solidified polished marble, but evident in white color as the name itself. Uses of nano white can be for tiles, flooring, bathroom walls, kitchen tops, window sills, countertops, etc.

Nano white comes in three different varieties: G3, G4, and G5. The only difference between all these three types is the ease of cutting it.

Nano White Marble Texture

It is a shiny premium quality marble with a highly reflective surface. It is a rigid material, long-lasting, and highly durable material that cannot be easily broken or cut off. This material is very dense and non-porous, making it anti-stain, scratch, and acid-resistant. Made up of natural minerals makes it an eco-friendly and recyclable material. 

Also, nano white does not need to be sealed; it does not help bacteria or viruses to grow.

Nano White Price in India

It is easily available for you to purchase online, or you can find it very easily at your nearby marble stores. The prices are varied from retailer to retailer. The cost of 16mm thick nano white starts from Rs 400 per square. You can ask the vendor to cut the slabs and buy as per your requirement.

Nano White Marble Reviews

Before giving my personal review, here are some of the pros and cons I have listed down for you to know


  • Hard and strong material.
  • It cannot be easily chipped or broken.
  • A famous substitute for the white marble.
  • Thick and watertight.


  • Because of the hardness of the material, one will need skilled workers to work on it.
  • It can’t be trimmed easily due to its solid surface.
  • It is costly.

I would highly recommend using nano white as home decor; I think it would be a great addition to your home. Hence if you are looking for a makeover, you should definitely go for nano white as it is trendy, much cooler looking than simple marbles, and will add a great definition to your lifestyle.

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