Ghana Teak vs Burma Teak

Ghana Teak vs Burma Teak: Know Difference Between two Woods

From being used in the artistic field to be used in everyday life wood has become an important raw material in every way. There are many types of wood, almost 52types but softwoods, hardwoods, engineered woods are the main kind. Each of these variants of wood can be used in multiple ways for various products.

Teak is a tropical hardwood and one of the most expensive and sought-after timber. There is high oil content in teak and it also has tight grains which make it strong and suitable for all kinds of climates. It is used for outside furniture because usually, this kind of furniture need good materials as it does not stay indoors. It has been used for the past 2000 years for making ships and boats. Teak is also the best when you don’t want your furniture or anything you construct with wood to rot or attract termites and other insects. Teak is invulnerable to such conditions and situations due to its silica content, teak natural repels insects. Because of its superior quality, texture, and strength, it tends to be a bit expensive. There is also various kind of teak wood which is available. Burma and Ghana teak are famous among them. Here we have compared Burma Teak vs Ghana Teak to solve all your doubts and queries.

Ghana Teak vs Burma Teak


ghana teakGhana produces one of the strongest Teak Wood available in the market. The teak wood imported from the rich and sustainable forests of Ghana is Ghana teak wood. Ghana teak wood has many qualities that make this more desirable and costly. It is an ideal product for installation in washrooms, kitchens, garages, and other places that gets dirty easily. It can be available in various colours. It is decay resistant and dimensionally stable. This type of wood is very strong and can be offered in different shapes and sizes. Ghana teak is best for fine furniture, paneling, decks of expensive boats, floors, windows, doors, beams and bridges. It is also considered the best choice for all woodwork. Because of Ghana teak wood quality, it is a bit expensive than another teak.


burma-teakBurma border produces teaks which are known as Burma teak wood. It is termite resistance, supreme quality, and has high durability. Teak wood obtained from Myanmar is popularly known as the king of woods. It is considered to be the best raw material for furniture. This wood is widely used in commercial as well as domestic constructions. Burma teak is naturally durable and has great shape retention. It can give an aesthetic appeal and a royal look to your furniture. Burma teak is immune to white ants and other insects and termites. Also, as it is one of the strongest and most durable wood, it requires minimal maintenance. But daily care such as cleaning with a cloth can make the Burma teak objects and products have a longer life span.

Ghana teak Vs Burma Teak, what should you go for?

Wood, especially teak wood is important when anyone is thinking about a long-time product. So, before buying one must shortlist according to their requirements between Ghana teak and Burma teak pros and cons. We have talked about Ghana teak vs Burma teak so that one can know the possibilities and probabilities before using these as core materials. These kinds of teak are being used all over the world for different purposes. Before using people should know the difference between these types.

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