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Types of Marble Flooring In India – You Must Know Latest Trends

Marbles are something I believe never goes out of fashion and the trend. One can never go wrong with installing marbles at their homes, offices, or any personal space. An elegant, luxurious natural stone that never gets old; instead, it adds more to your lifestyle and keeps your home in style. There is a huge demand and utilization of marble floors in India.

All these rich marbles come from the “Land of Kings” – Rajasthan, the state with the highest production of marbles in India. 

Types of Marble Flooring In India

In India, marbles are diversified in many varieties like patterns, colors. Ask any color as per your preferences, from black, brown, beige, green, yellow, red, pink to white. You can also experiment with different designs, patterns, and a combination of two marble slabs to create some new styles that will go well with your home.

Here are some types of marble based on their color

1. White marble : 

  • White marble’s specialty is that it makes a home or any area look spacious.
  • Morwad white marble, Indian stature marble, opal white marble, etc., are some of the varieties of white marble.
  • It is used for kitchen counters, bathrooms, flooring, walls, and tabletops.

2 . Yellow marble:

  • Yellow marble is a great option to give a touch of rich and traditional look to your home.
  • Gold marble, antique rainforest marble, goldio marble, Jaisalmer yellow marble, etc., are some of the varieties of yellow marble.
  • It is used for flooring, outdoor, wall cladding, or bathroom floors.

3. Brown marble:

  • Brown marbles can add a versatile, earthy touch to your ambiance. 
  • Rainforest brown marble, ambaji brown marble, torrento marble, fantasy brown marble, and aggaraiya brown lehariya marble, etc., are some of the varieties of brown marble in India.
  • It is used popularly for bathroom flooring, kitchen, and table countertops.

4. Beige marble:

  • Beige colored marbles is a great addition of warmth and clarity.
  • Beige marbles can be used in spaces used for comfort, personal care. 
  • It is used for the flooring of rooms, bathroom floors, and walls. 

5. Pink marble:

  • Pink marble is a great choice for anyone who needs a colorful splash in their space.
  • Udaipur pink marble, Banswara Pin marble, classic pink marble, etc., are some of the varieties of pink marble in India.
  • It is used for flooring in bathrooms, bedrooms, and corridors.marble based

6. Green marble:

  • Green marbles are elegant, dark-colored marbles.
  • Udaipur green marble, spider green marble, rainforest green, marble, emerald dark green, etc., are some of the varieties of green marble.
  • It is used on the kitchen, bathroom countertops, staircases, and outdoors.                                                                                                                                   

 7.Black marble:

  • The color black never will go out of style, and that’s for sure. And one will never go wrong in choosing black for interiors.
  • Grey Carrara marble, Indian black Marquina marble, nadi black marble, etc., are some of the varieties of black marble in India. 
  • It is used for kitchen countertops, bathroom walls or tiles, tabletops, walls, and flooring.

8. Grey marble:

  • Grey marbles are highly durable and long-lasting and are processed from grey Indian stone.
  • Silver shadow marble, grey Emperador marble, nordic grey marble, etc., are some of the varieties of grey marble in India. 
  • It is used for bathroom tiles, kitchen tops, and living room floorings. 

These were eight different types of marble flooring in India, with their specifications and varieties available in the market.

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