How to Paint a Steel Almirah at Home
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How to Paint a Steel Almirah at Home – Step by Step Guide by Expert

Modifying a steel almirah is really simple and you’ll enjoy too. Some of us even use our old almirah as a showpiece with beautiful artwork and art pieces in it. Redesigning an almirah gives a new look and new life to it. Even if you have a brand new almirah and wish to make it according to your taste and space texture, you can. Check out the step-by-step procedure and make your almirahs look much beautiful than ever.

How to Paint Steel Almirah at Home

Step 1. Choose your perfect fit almirah 

  • This step is for the one who wants to design their newly purchased almirah.
  • Choosing an ideal fit almirah means firstly decide the space where you want to put your almirah. 
  • Take the measurements and purchase one accordingly. 
  • While purchasing an almirah, check the quality and durability.

Step 2. Prepare the steel cabinet for painting

  • Before anything,check the almirah and remove everything from it. 
  • Once you have an empty cabinet, clean it with a damp cloth and a dry cloth.
  • With the help of sandpaper remove rust from inside and outside of the cabinet. 
  • Sanding helps new paint to stick better and gives a very smooth effect on the cabinet. 

prepareStep 3. Select your paint

  • Choose the color according to space and area where you want to put  your cabinet.
  • We’ll suggest using special spray paint for painting on steel as the spray paints are more convenient and easy to apply.
  • For better results, one can also buy a primer for metals. The primer removes the rust from the cabinet and prevents from future stains.

Step 4. Paint separately

  • It is advisable to paint the inner drawers separately from the cabinet.
  • If you want to keep the color of the handles as it is, then cover the handles with painter’s tape and remove after the drawers are painted. 
  • If not, paint the whole drawer with the same paint.
  • Before painting use a newspaper, put it below the cabinet and drawers to avoid stains on the floor.

Step 5. Spray paint and prime

  • Before painting, you need to keep the drawers and cabinet separately.  
  • First, use the spray in color you prefer and let it dry thoroughly.
  • After the paint gets dry use a primer spray on it.
  • At the back of the primer bottle you’ll find its drying time.

spary paintStep 6. Put things back

  • After once you are done with painting, it’s time to put the drawers back into the almirah.
  • Once you set the almirah, give time to the paint to dry down and a night to set the paint. 

So this is how you can quickly make your old almirah into new vivacious one. Try these steps and give your cabinet a modern look. One can also paint, do perspectives and another art form on almirah, keep a base spray first and then do the rest on it. Show your best ideas in your personal space and enhance its beauty.

If you find this procedure tough and want a helping hand, we are here. With our predetermined services and super talented professionals who can paint your almirah just the way you want.

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