Best Alternative of Urbanclap in Vadodara

Urban Company(UrbanClap) Vadodara – Alternative of Home Service Provider in Vadodara

UrbanClap is now Urban Company

UrbanClap is a trusted name when it comes to providing all the essential utility services in several cities of India. Right from finding a plumber to getting a beauty technician, Urbanclap has it all. While the services are always top-class and customers have appreciated the quick and smooth services, it isn’t available in Vadodara as of yet. So after brainstorming and going through many reviews, I came across an alternative website that provides all such services in Vadodara. Yes, you read it right! I found an Urbanclap alternative for Vadodara, operating by the name of Premend.

Urbanclap Alternative

Premend is an online platform to find the solutions to all your technical as well as non-technical needs. I was glad to see that such a platform exists in Vadodara, making up for the absence of Urbanclap. The website is consumer-friendly, which is one of the many features I liked. Premend has a wide range of services for everyone that just takes a couple of minutes to book. Another striking functionality of this website is that you can schedule the appointment after selecting the service, and the technician will arrive at the scheduled time.

Premend has a wide range of areas in which they provide service:

  • Home Improvement: There are many services in this category such as finding architects, plumbers, carpenters, water tank cleaners, and much more. This particular section amazed me as it has all the services one can think of when it comes to getting services for the home.
  • Appliance Repair: You can easily find technicians for repairing AC, Washing machine, and Computer in this section. Now you don’t have to call multiple people for getting a sound technician.
  • Renovation: We all know how difficult it becomes to find contractors for flooring, painting, fabrication, and even full home renovation. Premend has made it convenient for all the Barodians to find such contractors with ease online.
  • Construction: If you want to hire a construction company for building your house or workplace, then you can find such companies on Premend. They have also collaborated with industrial construction companies to make the service of industrial construction available to the people of Vadodara.

Apart from these services, they also have other valuable services that are of great use such as POP Contractors, Beauty Salons, Pest Control, Electric work, and many more. What surprised me the most was the fact that Premend has covered so many areas of utility services that I don’t think you need to go anywhere else to find the right technician or worker for any assistance.

Another striking feature of this UrbanClap alternative is that it is effortless to follow the process for booking the service, and guess what it works! My husband had booked a service for an electrical contractor and scheduled the appointment. The contractor arrived on time, analyzed everything, and did the work accordingly. The rates are quite reasonable, so you don’t have to worry about the high prices either.

I was delighted to see such a convenient and up to the mark service in Vadodara. I would suggest using this website as it is not only hassle-free, but it also saves a lot of our time that goes in finding laborers. There are no hidden charges or any policies which makes it of great use for customers like us.

So while concluding this article, I would say that Premend stands by its words, the best online service provider in Vadodara. They have excellent customer support to solve queries and also send in the best technicians. Now save your precious time by booking all the required services on Premend.

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