Amazon and Flipkart Installation Services: Get Detailed Information

Amazon and Flipkart are two of the largest e-commerce companies in India, providing customers with a wide range of products ranging from electronics to furniture and clothing and other home services as well. They have grown popular, especially in electronic items such as mobile phones. On top of it, they have also put their feet in selling TV and furniture sets and air conditioners as well. 

However, there are a few questions as to whether they provide installation services of certain items such as television sets. Here’s detailed information regarding this particular query. Read ahead to find out more. 

Amazon and Flipkart Installation Services

Do Amazon and Flipkart provide installation services? 

Amazon has a reputation for providing its customers with speediest delivery, quality products, and now, also with installation services. They do help in setting up your furniture and wall-mounting your TV as their additional services. For one to access these services, all you have to do is purchase their service along with the product you are ordering and simply add them in your cart. You can also select your preferred date and schedule the appointment for assembly and installation. You can also call on Amazon’s customer care number- 1800 3000 9009 (for India) to get a clearer idea about the same. Also, while ordering, you need to check what all services do they provide for your particular area by adding your Pincode. 

Like Amazon, Flipkart too has started providing its customers with installation and assembling services for their products. Flipkart has now started providing a one-day delivery system for most of the cities and, along with this, their D+I, delivery+installation services by building a larger supply chain by collaborations and investments in partner companies. 


Do Amazon and Flipkart charge an additional payment for installation services? 

As these e-commerce retailers have started investing in selling larger products such as furniture and sofa sets, air conditioners, and TV sets, they do now provide installation services as well. However, yes, they do charge you extra for these services, and the prices are different for different cities and areas. You need to check how much they charge for your particular product and its assembling. These sites mention in their customer help topic about all these extra services, their pricing, and a lot more for your ease and knowledge. 

With the rise in the number of people buying things online, sites like Amazon and Flipkart have started offering almost everything in just one platform. They started with the basics like clothing and smartphones. Still, now they have added the shipping and delivery of larger products due to the growing popularity and trust of customers in their services and quality. Providing with installation services has been a significant step up for both Amazon and Flipkart. 

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This was all about the installation services now being provided by Amazon And Flipkart. I hope you would have found this article to be helpful in answering your doubts and queries regarding the same. 

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